Marketing Strategies

As more applications come out for this device, it will gain market share. We want to be positioned so that we provide excellent games for this community. iPhone games are distributed through the Appstore which is currently controlled by Apple. One of the obstacles we have to overcome is the speed with which Apple approves applications for downloading.

You can use online advertising to feature your products, like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, or Pinterest Promoted Pins. If you want to show product recommendations on product pages, then you can add a recommended products section to your online store theme. After brainstorming, you can write a message that uses some of the words in your answers. For example, if your product is different from your competitors because it’s more eco-friendly, then you might use words like green and recyclable in your message. Subscribe to the freeMoreBusiness. com Newsletter to get weekly advice that will definitely grow your business. Bill Philips, President, oversees the general management, including game development, of MNG.

Our games relate to stories covered by media outlets who target the same demographic as we do. We display advertising in strategic locations within the game so users are not bothered or distracted by the ads. For example , a soda company may pay for a sponsorship to embed their name as a clickable billboard that appears as if it is part of the game itself.

Organizations who want to reach males between 13 and 25 realize that this group has a lot of spending power. This age group is not yet used to saving money so they typically spend a lot of what they earn.

Marketing Plan

The longer the delay between game conception and game release, the less the penetration of that game. For example, several years ago fast food chain Burger King created a Facebook application that allowed users to earn points for “unfriending” one of their friends. The application would show the image of the friend burning. Upon burning 10 friends, the user would be entitled to a free burger. Word of this application spread very quickly and quite a few Facebook users enjoyed participating.

Prior to forming the company, he was Vice President of Products at a major wireless telecommunications provider for 5 years. Since our games will be tied to current news events, we will emphasize our focus on creativity along with spectacular service and speed of development for our consulting clients. It is important for us to get to market quickly in order to capitalize on the news event that is associated with the game.

Vice Presidents and Chief Marketing Officers of these organizations want to reach this market early and need to do so in catchy, creative ways. Using online analytics tools, we will be able to see how many people click on various links in our media campaigns to go to the landing pages and how many click to download each game. However, online clicks cannot track users who use their mobile phone to download the apps directly, which may comprise the bulk of our downloads. For those, tracking of downloads is provided by the platform such as Appstore. We expect Android usage to surpass the iPhone in the number of applications downloaded. This also eliminates the need for review and allows us to post new applications quickly.

This is important since our games have a time-sensitive nature to them. They will be popular only as long as a news story is in circulation. Mobile game users get tired of games quickly and are constantly looking for new games to play. With the plethora of news events always in circulation, we will target the news media. The goal here is to get the media to discuss games related to the stories they are covering.